• Tomas Wurst


Outdoor fitness training is more than ever the most efficient way to keep yourself fit and healthy. Besides The Many Benefits of Outdoor Training , performing your exercises outside in open spaces is surely the safest way there is with the current pandemic. As lockdown restrictions ease, many of us are excited to get back into outdoor training to kickstart our fitness and wellbeing. To ensure you can train with confidence, Workout Australia has introduced a range of new measures. What We’re Doing Increase Cleaning: Thorough cleaning of all equipment by staff following the conclusion of any class. Safety Measures: Hand sanitiser available at all classes and 100% paper free and cash free admin and purchases. Social Distancing: Equipment positioning according to regulations. Keeping each other safe At this time community is more important than ever. You can help us and your fellow members stay health and safety by following these guidelines:

  • Do not attend classes if feeling unwell

  • Take responsibility for social distance

  • We encourage you to bring your own mat and towel to all classes

  • Use the hand sanitiser provided before commencing and before and after sharing equipment.


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