We engaged Wellness 2 Corporate fabulous Mindfulness & Yoga facilitators for our Sydney and Lismore teams. As well as being amazing yoga instructors, they are highly knowledgeable. It's a joy to join their classes every week. 

Walt Wagner from The Motorcycle Experience

“I really enjoy our corporate training session with Tomas and his team. They all keep us motivated and push us to overcome our limitations and improve as we continue each session. I look forward to the days we have our boot camp scheduled and focus on performing better each time. I think I’ve come a long way as I never used to work out and always felt lazy thinking about going to gym. But I feel motivated and energized now and I hope to keep this momentum going. Thanks to Tomas and his amazing team for all their effort and help”

Tissya from Invisalign

"A friend referred me to her massage therapist, Lucie, in April this year when I found myself in the most horribly pain with my back and despite many visits to my chiropractor after 2 weeks the pain had become so chronic that I was having difficulty doing the most basic of tasks. From the first appointment Lucie has been a life saver. At the first visit where I can honestly say you could see in her eyes that she understood the pain I was in, she assured me that she could help and that in a few days I would notice the difference. And sure enough a few days later I had my first pain free day in weeks. Over the past few months Lucie has provided me a suitable maintenance program that has allowed me to stay pretty much pain free and able to perform regular exercise and keep up my day to day life. Lucie is a skilled massage therapist who demonstrates that she cares greatly about her client’s wellbeing beyond most therapists I have seen over the years"

Dawn Wilkinson

We have really enjoyed training with Wellness 2 Corporate for the past year and a half. Their sessions are always dynamic, varied and they work hard to ensure everyone has solid technique. No session is ever the same from dumbells to kettle bells, medicine balls, resistance and TRX bands to sprinting and body weight exercises, it¹s guaranteed that you always feel the burn after each class. Not to mention they are both lovely people who are passionate about encouraging you to reach your fitness goals in a positive and relaxed way. And the results speak for themselves we feel fitter, stronger and as a result sleep and function better. We would recommend them to people of all fitness levels who are looking to improve their overall health and fitness.

Jess and Taur from eNews

"Tomás is everything you could want in a personal trainer - fit and enthusiastic, knowledgeable, professional and reliable. He makes exercising fun and he gets results by targeting the areas that need the most help. Tomás is a great guy who with an award-winning personality. 10/10"

Alison Burke

I found the mindfulness workshop very helpful, and instructive. Wellness 2 Corporate provided very thorough and hands on experience on the session. They are very attentive to all the participates’ questions. It was a wonderful course. I hope we can have more sessions.

Martin Anderson from Every Day News